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Aluminum Foil Heater

Aluminum Foil Heater
Supplier : WEIKANG Thermal Electronics Co.,Ltd.
E-Mail : jzj333@hotmail.com
Tel : 86-510-86551671
Fax : 86-510-86551425
Address : No.98 Qingtong Road, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Detail

Product Certification :

Product Structure:

The heating element can be either high temperature PVC or silicone insulated heating cable. This cable is placed between two aluminum sheets.
The aluminum foil element has adhesive backing as standard for quick and easy fixing to the area requiring temperature maintenance.
Cut outs in the material are possible, allowing for perfect fitting to the part on which the element will be mounted.

Product Application:

  • Defrost or freeze protection of refrigerator or ice box

  • Freeze protection of plate heat exchangers

  • Temperature maintenance of heated food counters in canteens

  • Anti-condensation of electronic or electric control boxes

  • Hermetic compressors heating

  • Anti-condensation of bathrooms mirrors

  • Anti-condensation of refrigerated display cabinets

  • Domestic appliances, medical

Technical Data Sheet:

Electrical insulation105℃PVCSilicon rubber
DimensionAny dimension on request
VoltageAny voltage on request
OutputUp to 2.5KW/m2
Tolerances≤±5% on resistance
Insulation resistance in normal temperature  ≥100 MΩ
Dielectric strength in normal temperature1800V 2S, No flashover and break down
Leakage current in working temperature≤0.02 mA/m
Connect strengthHeater wire and lead wire≥36N 1min
Lead wire and terminal≥58.8N 1min
Heater and Al-foil400g/ 1min

Note: Temperature control
   Cut out the hole in aluminum foil
   Earthing of the aluminum foil


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