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  • The pure distilled water is one of the most useful liquids in the hospitals, healthcare centers, research institutes and analytic laboratories. This still is specially designed for these places to prepare.[More]

  • During the running of the belt conveyor machine, due to the following reasons, such as raw material mixing with impurities or the own equipment malfunction, the conveyor belt will be broken in long distance by longitudinal avulsion.[More]

  • Electric measuring transmitters can convert the measured parameters (signals of voltage, current, power, frequency) to isolated DC or digital signals. The products have passed the certification of national standard GB/T 13850-1998.[More]

  • PA2000 series and H series meters are both featured with the function of harmonic measurement; they can measure all the parameters in 3-phase electric network with high accuracy, and can measure active energy , reactive energy and current & voltage harmonic magnitudes.[More]

  • The chain cooling bed is a kind of rolled cooling way of steel rolling workshop. The rolled piece is pulled by the chain on chain cooling bed.[More]

  • electric single-girder overhead crane[More]

  • Non-standard Electric Chain Hoist is hyper-normal lifting equipment which is rather practically applied in special conditions. It can be installed in super-low plants while assuring considerable room.[More]

  • It is able to lift 125kg-3,000kg and features in a compact construction, small volume, light weight, convenient operation and safety and reliability and etc. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for lifting weights, handling goods, repairing equipments and conveying goods, especially in low plants[More]

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