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Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist
Supplier : KAILI Lifting Motor Co., Ltd.
E-Mail : kailicrane@hotmail.com
Tel : +86-510-86991278
Fax : +86-510-86995266
zipcode : 214437
Address : North No.605 Chengshan Road Metro East Industrial Park Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Detail

Electric Chain Hoist is able to lift 125kg-3,000kg and features in a compact construction, small volume, light weight, convenient operation and safety and reliability and etc. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for lifting weights, handling goods, repairing equipments and conveying goods, especially in low plants, as well as places which are not applicable with gantry crane and beam-type crane, and places which choose oversize steel cable blocks. This model endless chain electric block boasts its unique advantages.

JPKK model Electric Chain Hoist can be installed in suspended I-beam, curve track and fixed points for handling weights.

This model Electric Chain Hoist is small and compact and can be installed in many ways, such as for fixation and suspension, or can be combined with hand car and electric car. It is suitable for super-clear working chambers and labs. In addition, it can be applied in single workshop for lifting work-piece in high-precision lathe, machining center and combustion engine setting & testing line. Its supporting units, including hand car and electric car are characterized in simple construction as well as light weight and easy disassembly. They can be temporarily used or permanently installed, and have been widely applied in docks, warehouse as well as construction and modern production streamline.


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