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Large Size PTFE Paste Extruding Tube

Large Size PTFE Paste Extruding Tube
Supplier : JIANGNAN Fluoroplastic Co., Ltd.
E-Mail : jnfs88@msn.cn
Tel : +86-510-86857530
Fax : +86-510-86857418
zipcode : 214431
Address : No.29 Fumin road Fumin Industrial Park Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Detail

After one year's effort, Jiangyin Jiangnan Fluoroplastic Co.,Ltd had successfully produced larger size PTFE dispersion resin paste extruding tubes in 2006, which were never been manufactured since the establishing of the company. Single length of pipes sized atφ65 and φ50 are from 8 m ~ 15m. The normal production of paste extruding tubes of this type is significant, compared with previous producing process that many other factories make pipe formation by winding method and then process to produce waved hoses. Meanwhile products sized atφ80 and φ100 were formally started up to be produced at June 20th, 2006 at Jiangyin Jiangnan Fluoroplastic Co.,Ltd.


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