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WEIKANG Thermal Electronics Co.,Ltd.

E-Mail : jzj333@hotmail.com
Tel : 86-510-86551671
Fax : 86-510-86551425
Address : No.98 Qingtong Road, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Company Info

Founded in 1989, WEIKANG Thermal Electronics Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the design and manufacture of the supple electric heating element used for various defrosting and heat preservation systems. It has many years’ experience and improvement in design, test, verification, inspection, manufacture and packing and devotes itself to the perfection in the technical and economic principle. After the unceasing research and innovation, our products have a comprehensive structure type, complete specification series, and various application environments. They are widely used in different fields like the refrigeration, appliance, building, petrifaction and gardening, etc.

The supple electric heating element made by our company not only conforms to the strict quality requirement in the position of technology but also keeps a closed cooperative partner relationship with different departments and clients. Since the year of 1999, Weikang has got the ISO9001 certificate and also updates each nation’s certificates and product qualification accreditations in every year.

Each day, our engineers and technicians will discuss and research to improve the quality of the product to confront the severe product needs. Our production facility, professional skill of the manufacturing process and the abundant marketing knowledge enable us to provide integrated products which meet to the specific needs of the customer.

Upholding the principle of quality first and user first and propagating the tenet of meticulosity and seeking perfect from perfect, we insist on ceaselessly pursuing consummations to realize a better aim. We will try our best to update and enrich the product range to satisfy your various needs. Through the wide internet agent, dealer and assemble trader, we will build Weikang into a world-class resource platform, a forever reliable defrosting and heat preservation system product in all areas and also an eternal hand-joining friend with the customers in all walks of life.


  • Our roof & gutter de-icing cable can protect your property from being damaged due to the ice dam. Appropriate installation and operation can form a channel to make the thawed snow or the ice flow onto the ground surface to avoid the formation of ice dam.

  • The heating mats are very robust, but at the same time very flexible. The silicone heating mats are manufactured on request, and their dimensions are consequently adapted to any specific requirements.

  • The heating cables are mainly used in domestic appliances, cold industry and some machines where either freeze protection or temperature maintenance is required.

  • The heating cable is suitable for any places needing heating. Its newly increased feature is good flexible which can be coiled on any substances like behind the bird cage fake wall or under the floor. This flexible heating cable is widely used. Its principal feature is completely waterproof.

  • The heater wire are mainly used in domestic appliances, cold industry and some machines where either freeze protection or temperature maintenance is required.