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Nitrogen Making Machine

Nitrogen Making Machine
Supplier : Gasification Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd.
E-Mail : sales@jyqhjxc.com
Tel : +86-510-86509182
Fax : +86-510-86503824
zipcode : 214431
Address : No.1323 Xicheng Road, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Detail

1.Air Compressor               

2. Air Storage Tank               

3.5.6 Precision Filter               

4. Refrigeration Drier
7.8. Absorption Tower A and B               

9.10 Multifunctional Stop Valve               

11. Nitrogen Storage Tank
12. Reducing Valve               

13. Flow Meter


Other Products

  • The stop reversing valve is suitable for opening and stopping the pipe on the pressure swing adsorption gas separating device.

  • The nitrogen purification equipment makes oxygen in the inert gas react with carbon provided by the catalyst under action of carbon-loaded catalyst so as to remove oxygen in the inert gas.

  • The pin horizontal sand mill is broadly applied in pharmaceuticals, which can achieve excellent fineness within a short time through the grinding action of zirconia milling beads as the grinding medium.

  • The pin horizontal sand mill is suitable for grinding materials in the fields of colorants. It is characterized in easy operation, good reliability and full specifications.

  • The pin horizontal sand mill is widely applied in fine chemical industries such as dyestuffs. It is easy to clean with no residue and is also suitable for various productions.