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Pin horizontal sand mill for Pharmaceuticals

Pin horizontal sand mill for Pharmaceuticals
Supplier : Gasification Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd.
E-Mail : sales@jyqhjxc.com
Tel : +86-510-86509182
Fax : +86-510-86503824
zipcode : 214431
Address : No.1323 Xicheng Road, Qingyang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Detail

The pin horizontal sand mill is broadly applied in pharmaceuticals, which can achieve excellent fineness within a short time through the grinding action of zirconia milling beads as the grinding medium.

Product description

The machine takes advantage of high-speed rotation of the machine to strengthen the all-around dispersion and grinding of materials and improve the shearing function of materials so as to meet various grinding requirements.

Product features

1. The machine adopts double-end-surface mechanical seal, which can reach more than 10 kg of pressure while the pressure of the grinding material is generally less than 4 kg, so that the leakage problem of traditional mechanical seal is avoided effectively.
2. The inner drum is made of special material with the hardness reaching HRC68; after the special material is treated, the material can be completely permeated so that the hardness of the drum cannot be weak before being worn out. The inner drum is normally made of 304-model stainless steel or is under nitrogen treatment; after the 304-model stainless steel is nitrided, the nitrided layer is very thin and is easy to be worn.
3. The pin is made from imported material with the hardness reaching HRC92 so that it has good wear resistance.
4. The machine adopts inner thread cooling method so as to ensure effective radiation of heat quantity in the grinding body. (special refrigeration system can be equipped)
5. The machine has double purposes, thus the user can assemble the disc and the pin components according to the grinding condition in order to reduce the purchase cost of the device


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